Is The New M1 MacBook Pro Worth It?

Is the M1 MacBook Pro worth it? The base model of the M1 MacBook Pro (8Gb Unified Memory, 256 Gb Storage) comes at $1,299, that beats the previous $1,499 of the Intel based mac.

With both the MacBook Air and the Pro, it ultimately boils down to personal preference and what you plan to use it for. They both have an 8-core Apple M1 chip inside them, and both have a limit of 16Gb of unified memory, both even have the same storage limit up to 2 Tb! So what’s the difference in performance between them, you might ask. Well, it basically comes down to this… the MacBook Air does not have a fan which it pulls back on performance to manage temperatures, the MacBook Pro does, allowing you to sustain heavier workloads over a long period of time.

One other advantage the Pro has over the Air is it’s bigger battery. On Apple’s website they claim the Air lasts 18 hours, while the Pro lasts 20 hours.

( | Go here to learn more about the M1 MacBook Pro and Air battery performance)

For the basic user, the Air is more than fast enough to do most of the things you would want, it also has the pro of being able to last longer… Ok, let me explain. The Pro has a moving part, a.k.a the fan. Not only can the fan stop working at some point, it also brings in dust. The Air just seems like more of a tank (Don’t quote me on that). However if you need that extra power and performance, than the Pro is the option for you. Also, while we were just on the topic of the fan, since the Pro has the fan and the Air doesn’t, as common sense would tell us, the Air would be (is) more silent than the Pro. Then once again, the Pro is able to give you that more power, for a longer time. So it again, just comes down to what you really want, and what you plan to do with it. So is the MacBook Pro worth it? I’d say yes, yes it is. Plus, this is only the first generation of the M1, so I’m very excited to see the power in the next version of the M1. Thanks for reading, see you next time!

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